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My daily reparenting practice

Reparenting is a concept that was introduced to me by my therapist about 4 years ago. After realizing that my inner child was still very much a part of my present, I discovered that by reparenting her I could repair wounds and heal in tremendous ways.

After becoming a mother to my son Ezra, in January 2021 I noticed that while parenting him, I had opportunities to reparent myself. Through a daily practice of parenting my inner child, I have become a more complete mother to my child.

While some reparenting practices are heavy and can take many weeks or months to unfold, there are many light-hearted, daily practices that may impact and heal just as profoundly.

I choose to invite my inner child into daily moments of bliss, laughter, play, exploration, and rest. If Ezra and I are snuggling while reading a book, I channel my inner child and read aloud to her too. As I tell Ezra throughout the day how special and loved he is, I say the same words to little Erin. While Ezra and I play on the carpet, I imagine my younger self there too, observing and soaking in the feeling of safety, relaxation, and limitless play.

If a moment arises where I am taken away from the present and my body and mind return to a state of panic, stress, or frustration, I try and move through the following steps:

  1. Acknowledge that I feel out of control and out of the present moment.

  2. Reassure myself and my inner child that it makes sense to feel the feelings.

  3. I scan my body and take note of how I feel physically, without judgment or shame.

  4. If the panic is really bad I seek help from my partner or I put a cold pack on the back of my neck.

  5. I then use a mantra or I simply say "you are safe, you are safe" while taking deep breaths.

  6. Once I am able to move through it and return to the present moment I acknowledge the safety around me once more.

Since practicing reparenting I've noticed major shifts in my life. I feel more in control of my body. I am able to move through tougher moments quicker and with a deeper understanding and compassion for myself. I am more present with my child. My daily experience with anxiety has decreased significantly. And I am able to establish healthy boundaries with my mother and father without guilt.

I'm curious if you practice reparenting and if so how it has impacted your life.

Thank you for reading, beloved child.

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