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My favorite books to help build a home apothecary

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Since becoming a mother, my passion for folk medicine has increased. I am learning how to trust my intuition fully, and while doing so, I am supported by wise herbalists. Building my home apothecary has allowed me to be in control of my wellness in a way that feels really, really healing. While concocting potions in my kitchen, I transcend into a dimension of deep knowing, it is where I feel most myself. I support my passion by spending as much time as possible with the plants, and I also enjoy reading books written by people I admire.

Here are three of my go-to books that have shaped my heart and my home apothecary.


  • If you do not yet grow or forage your own herbs, is a fantastic source of high-quality herbal yum.

  • Building my apothecary has taken years - try not to let overwhelm take root, go slow - start with a plant that is calling out to you and go from there.

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