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Solstice Garden

Our garden is by far the most established and organized it has been in the six years we have been building it. Our soil is rich and we have learned how to dance as a family in ways that allow each to contribute and make the garden their own.

June weather has been unusually cold. We have been regularly, sometimes daily harvesting chamomile - the supply of flowers seems endless. French beans and snow peas are coming on. When we get two or three days of bright warm sun, the tomatoes and peppers are going to explode.

Our favorite part of the garden is seeing our son, Ezra, delight in the flowers and vegetables. He is able to identify so many flowers and every time he says, "yarrow", my heart bursts. Together, we track tiny insects and birds. He loves pulling new calendula flowers and placing them in a basket. We even have a garden bunny that lives in the thick strawberry patch.

Many summer blessings, Andy and Erin

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