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Thyme is of the Essence

Earlier this summer, while learning about herbal remedies for common ailments, I couldn't help but notice how often thyme was used as an essential ingredient in many medicines. Venturing out to our garden, I located the one established thyme plant tucked away in a corner bed. I immediately announced to Andy, "we need more thyme!". I soon discovered that 'needing more time' would be an essential and ongoing lesson in motherhood and in life.

One afternoon, in early July, while harvesting a portion of the spicy scented thyme, it spoke to me. It asked me to make an essence from its flower and to share it with my community. A few weeks passed, and on July 26, 2022, I sat with my teacher thyme, and created an essence.

Within those precious weeks, I unearthed hidden passions of mine and was able to show myself how to adapt my day so that I had more space and time to honor those passions. Mothering is always enough. I believe that being a mother and a parent means honoring our unique gifts, and in doing so, we parent even deeper. Since leaning into my own calling, my motherhood has become enriched, I am more present, and I am more myself.

This thyme essence is for those seeking clarity on how to pursue passions and goals while wearing many hats. Thyme shows us how to wear our hats in a way that feels balanced. With thyme, we're able to navigate the day with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Thyme presents its fierce aromatic heart with its delicate, soft leaves and flowers that reflect the color of a summer's morning sky. Thyme is our present encourager, strong and hearty. Thyme is supportive and can bring us back to a state of motivation with its energetic properties. Thyme is non-judgemental and honors days of both rest and chaos as apart of the natural cycles of life.

If you are interested in purchasing a stock bottle of Thyme is of the Essence, please email me at

What you will receive is a stock bottle of Thyme is of the Essence along with an outpouring of love and gratitude by me, Erin!


- 0.5 oz stock bottle

- filtered water

- Idaho potato vodka

- garden thyme (Thymus vulgaris) flower essence

How to use:

- take 2-5 drops directly under the tongue or add drops to a glass of water

- I like to say a prayer or intention before and while taking the essence

This is an energetic remedy.

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