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contains: grass-fed whipped tallow, olive oil infused with comfrey leaves (Symphytum officinale), yarrow flowers (Achillea millefolium), and lavender flowers (Lavandula angustifolia).


External use only / Best by 6/2025  


Our tallow is unique for many reasons. We partner with Bair-Trax Dairy Farm, located in Miami County, Ohio. The beef fat we use comes directly from their cows that are raised on acres of regenerative grassland. The herbs we use are a collection of herbs we grow in our backyard garden (fertilizer and pesticide-free) and herbs sourced from ethical farms. We infuse our herbs into carrier oil using a method that extracts a high potency of plant constituents. The herbal-infused oil is then incorporated into the tallow. This process results in a nutrient-rich balm that is ideal for skin care and health. We do not use any additives, essential oils, or artificial fragrances. The smell you experience is pure, earthy, and botanical.


Our tallow balm is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, soothing, and vitamin-rich.


Perfect for dry patches, eczema, rashes, bruises, scrapes, acne, and daily skin care maintenance. Safe for babies and children. Directly apply the tallow balm to the desired area. As you massage the tallow balm into the skin it will warm and soften. Store the tallow balm in a cool, dry space and use it within a year of purchase if kept in a cool space. 


Always best to test the product first by applying it to a small area of your body.


Comes in a 2 oz. glass jar.

Body Tallow Balm

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